Meta(MINE) Coin Launching on CEX 2022 | Free Green Cryptocurrency Mining

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The crypto space has exploded since the launch of the famous 2008 white paper, bringing with it a mammoth customer base that supports hundreds, if not thousands, of communities and projects. According to Google, these community members share or have one interest or goal that they wish to accomplish. They have raised funds, crowdsourced ideas, and assisted in the streamlined onboarding of other prospective members.

The introduction of the nascent crypto trend, decentralized autonomous organization otherwise referred to as DAO, has, in a myriad of ways, aided the growth of these communities through its principle of decentralization—giving power back to the people.

Blazing off on this path is the MetaMine project, a DAO-managed community that is built on the foundation of crypto mining as the sustainable solution for the Metaverse currency. Introducing its native token, the $MINE token, the MetaMine project is seeking to offer a ton of possibilities to holders and members of the community at large.

An open-source project built on multiple blockchains and DAO, MetaMine commingles DAO development, Metaverse currency, green mining ambition, and global policies to launch the world’s first green mining community that is built on the principles of DAO. Through a decentralized community election and decision-making process, community members can seamlessly vote for all operations to be executed on the project.

The community is where these members can interact as well as exchange ideas on the future development of the project through the DAO-powered voting system. Additionally, these members stand to gain sizable rewards by simply holding the $MINE token, the project’s native currency. With a primary goal to build a cross-chain token that can be deployed and used in the metaverse, $MINE will be launched on the Ethereum and BSC chain.

Instituting the MetaMine Fund which is simply a pool of tokens comprising all unsold $MINE, proceeds from the $MINE token sale, and other community funded projects, the MetaMine community will reserve the right to vote for the usage of the funds, further guaranteeing them returns on investment (ROI).

Owing to the adoption of DAO, holders of this token will have the right to express their views on future developments through regular voting processes. Besides that, they stand to gain sizable rewards from holding the token, as stated in the project’s white paper.


With Bitcoin mining consuming more electricity than a couple of countries like Argentina, as reported by BBC, the need for a suitable yet energy-efficient mining platform has become paramount. Proposing the concept of green mining, MetaMine seeks to contribute to a greener planet.

Green Mining

Aimed at making the crypto mining industry greener, this project hopes to play a key role in the global adoption of Bitcoin by making its mining green, thus, aiding the proliferation of the entire crypto market. Currently, talks are underway to kick-start renewable energy research followed by the integration of advanced technology that will guarantee green mining.

DAO and Democracy

Introducing the concept of democracy and community —two unique phenomenons of DAO—$MINE token holders, as hitherto mentioned, will decide, through a transparent voting process, how the project will run. Additionally, these token holders will have a say in the $MINE circulation model adopted by the project’s founding team.

The community will play host to individuals from the crypto mining industry. Producers of mining rigs can vote to have their products advertised to the community. The mining management team, on the other hand, can vote to become major shareholders of the project’s crypto mining investment. Mining service providers keen on adopting renewable energy stand a chance of gaining from the MetaMine community as well.

MetaMine will also support Metaverse projects through profits garnered from the crypto mining business, making it an ideal metaverse currency. These projects will receive unwavering support from the MetaMine community if they adopt $MINE as a circulating currency.

Fostering an all-inclusive, democratically run, and rewarding project through the efforts of a dedicated community and the implementation of DAO — one of the nascent yet potential-replete trends — MetaMine seeks to revolutionize the crypto mining industry.

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