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Join the Optimum Treasury discord group to stay updated on the NFT drop and the free token giveaway. OTM Token (Optimum Treasury DAO) is about to launch their NFT card collection.

Start Building Wealth With Optimum Treasury DAO

Being an initial minter of these NFT cards will enable you to earn rewards, stake and qualify for a free DAO token airdrop, which is quite cool. A project that intends to build wealth for customers through staking and ownership of virtual assets via fractional virtual land auctions. Backed with crypto assets and virtual land assets, Optimum Treasury is making it easier to own virtual assets in your most popular metaverses.

The future of digital art investing and virtual assets?

In 2021, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) took the crypto world by storm – we saw digital art such as pieces from the CryptoPnks, or Bored Ape Yacht Club collections sell for six, or even seven-figures as NFT’s. But what if you cant afford that, yet still want to own one? Read on to find out how fractionalised NFT’s can help.

Generally, an NFT can’t be duplicated, nor copied, which poses serious limitations in terms of accessibility-the everyday investor can rarley get in. However with tokenization, the owner of an NFT can decide to create othe tokens specifically to represent a certain amount of ownership in his NFT. As an example, if Bob owns a CryptoPunk, he could mint 10 new crypto tokens, and assign each 10% ownership of his CryptoPunk NFT. Hense, if the value of this NFT is $1,000, then each of the newly created tokens will be worth $100.

As we saw in the example, Bob split up his NFT to newly minted crypto tokens. This way bob can sell only a portion of his NFT’s ownership, while other smaller investors can buy in for only $100 instead of the total $1,000. A true win win situation. This is exaclty how Optimum Treasury’s fractionlised NFT (F-NFT’s) land auctions will pave the way for a more affordable digital assets market, where everyone can invest at their own level. NFT’s completely disrupted the digital art world, offering innovative ways of trading, and investing, for anyone who can afford thier hefty prices. However fractionalised NFT’s could provide access to this relatively exclusive market for the masses, bringing the future right onto your doorstep. The only question is: will you take the opportunity?

Fractionlised NFT’s have a standing in the recent popularised metaverse realm as well-many of the most desirable metaverses, like sandbox use a form of fractionalised NFT’s to sell plots of land and property. This method is also used to by other leading metaverses such as decentraland etc. One of Optimum Teasury’s main goals is to make virtual land ownership more attainable for eveyone with Optimum Treasury fractional land auctions. Here plots will be auctioned to the users of the platform creating more digital land owners in the space. Gone are the days when players needed to pay tens of thousands to get started with digital land/property trading and investing. With fractionlised NFT’s in the form of virtual land anyone can get started with a relatively low barrier of entry, and enjoy the benifits of such virtual realities.

Optimum Treasury runs with a DAO system that allows users to vote on decisions and take part in shaping the future of the project. They boast giving out upto 90,000% apy staking rewards with thier DAO not to mention separate rewards and exclusive staking for all NFT holders. This project will be backed with crypto currencies such as, USDC, ETH, MATIC.

To find out more you can check them out at where you can find a thorough breakdown on all the exciting things they have coming. Minting starts soon and most of the action, updates will go down in thier discord group which you can find the link to on the website, so be ready for this one.

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