SW DAO Token & MarketPeak Dapp Development | ETH Layer 2 Optimism Network Implementation

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The new product funding agreement between SW DAO and MarketPeak will enhance the DAO’s dApp experience. Optimism network deployment and White Label development will be covered by MarketPeak.

SW DAO has announced that they have entered into a $50,000 funding agreement with MarketPeak to further the development of the SW DAO dApp and product ecosystem. MarketPeak will be covering all expenses necessary for SW DAO to build a White Label template of the DAO’s dApp as well as integrate the Ethereum Layer 2 Optimism network to it.

SW DAO’s pre-existing partnership with MarketPeak has already led to $10M of assets invested among 2,000 members using SW DAO’s exclusive trading algorithms. Providing White Label investment solutions to partners like MarketPeak is a logical extension of the SW DAO business line. White labeling is an important step in the growth of the DAO as it will allow them to quickly scale structured product distribution to pre-existing investment ecosystems.

The first investment product to be offered to partners will be SW DAO’s flagship industry-leading product the SW Yield Fund which has generated +9.0% since its December 1st launch. SWYF remains a strong method of passive income generation as it features minimal directional market exposure and protocol insurance when possible. Bringing this product’s strong historical performance and a clean front-end user interface to SW DAO partner ecosystems allows clients to leverage SW DAO’s crypto market expertise for just a small fee.

SW DAO has requested that Optimism deployment be included in the funding proposal in light of Set Protocols’ latest Optimism network integration — adding fine-tuneable Tokenized leverage via Perpetual Procotol. With many of SW DAO’s original market-outperforming trading strategies offered on Centralized Exchanges that require leverage, the SW DAO Optimism integration, and product line there will truly permit partners to enjoy one-click investing in a fully automated managed crypto portfolio.

SW DAO is committed to creating a more efficient and equitable world through blockchain technology, this MarketPeak funding agreement will help them move closer to their goal. We look forward to seeing what these two companies will achieve together!

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