Autonomous Organization Resident DAO Metaverse AirDrop | Reshaping Governance and Web3

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The charm of DAO has enchanted the crypto world. Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) use blockchain-based governance to achieve global coordination at the individual level. In addition to managing blockchain projects (MakerDAO), using management game assets (YGG DAO) or coordinating the purchase of assets (Constitution DAO), DAOs can be used for many other purposes. As Web3’s organizational structure becomes increasingly diversified, DAO’s are reshaping governance, investments, work, creation and donation.

At present, more than 200,000 users have received nearly 39 trillion SOS token from the launch of the OpenDAO governance currency SOS. At present, the market value of SOS is about US$ 220 million, with a peak value of US$ 430 million, with an increase of 34 times within 24 hours.

The popularity of SOS has made people see the charm of meme+DAO. Just a month before SOS FOMO, the popularity of Constitution DAO continued, and the market performance of its token$PEOPLE made people start to look for the next similar project.

Then, can Meta Resident DAO also launch a metaverse “Meta Resident” revolution?

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Meta Resident DAO aims to rebuild the trust and security of the community, and spontaneously create collaborative organizations of co-creation, co-construction, co-governance and sharing based on the strong consensus of 10,000-fold genes. It focuses on metaverse’s career, allowing some of them to enter the future and become metaresidents of metaverse.

First of all, the governance currency MR will reflect the first proof of the community and realize the plan of ten thousand times. At the same time, MR is also the cryptocurrency of the people, and MR will support and govern a great community cause.

In the governance model of crypto world, power is never in the hands of a few people. Governance rights should be delegated to all users, and token should be used to give back to every DAO member who contributes.

About Meta Resident DAO: Governance Mode

Meta Resident DAO issued a total of 10,000 token, including:

2000 pieces for airdrop, IDO, absolutely scattered.

800 pieces are injected into the flow cell and locked.

Trading slip point 5%; 2% for DAO members’ dividends, 1% for DAO operation treasury, and 2% for deflation destruction;

Users need to buy MR from the mobile pool, inject MR/BNB liquidity, pledge LP liquidity certificate into DAO agreement, and then they can be activated as formal MR ecological members, with voting rights, casting rights and dividends in the dividend pool.

In the early stage of the ten thousand times plan, due to the low market value, the market value was only 200,000 US dollars. Every DAO member needs to buy MR token, and then reverse inject LP into the mobile pool to become a full member, adding a large amount of fund deposit to the mobile pool, and 2% continuous deflation destruction ensures that the tokens deflate to 2,100 pieces, and the price of tokens will continue to rise.

The price of coins is 100 times from 20U to 200U and then to 2000U after PancakeSwap starts trading. At this time, it belongs to the growth period of MR’s development dividend, and everyone can quickly benefit from it, just to strengthen the ecology.

When the community develops to a certain degree, MR ecology will develop ecology through a large number of metaverse quality projects, each of which will be minted with application currency, and token will be presented in the form of MR01, MR02, MR03, etc. Token has real application support and circulation;

Suppose there are two MR pieces, each 2000U, worth 4000U, which are split and converted into 20,000 pieces of application currency MR01, and each 0.2U starts to enter various applications such as chain game NFT, metaverse and DeFi (detailed explanation in chapter of ecological application); The price of coins is 1,000 times from 0.2U to 2U, and 10,000 times to 20U!

Being a member of Meta Resident DAO means that people also play an important role in the self-care of this community. The purpose of Meta Resident DAO is to hope that DAO members will jointly expand the whole community and territory, vote on the road map of the project, and complete an idea that cannot be accomplished by their own abilities.

Meta Resident DAO is a huge community that is completely autonomous, highly untrusted and completely practical, and controls and regulates the whole meta-resident through token incentives. In this mode of production, the role of the founder is infinitely weakened, the individuality of the participants is fully protected, and at the same time, the collectivity is fully brought into play. How large will the traffic volume of the entire Meta Resident DAO community be in the future? Look forward to it together.

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