TVL rise from January 2021 $20 Billion to $200B in DeFi Protocols January 2022 | ETH vs Altcoin Tokens Dominance

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Since January 4, 2022, the value of decentralized finance (defi) has dropped by 21.22%. The total value locked in defi at the time was $255.84 billion and it is now around $201.55 billion. If you compare it to the TVL in January 2021 it’s still a 10x.

TVL in Defi Loses $54 Billion in 2 Weeks

While digital currency markets shed significant value during the last two weeks, the value locked in decentralized finance has also dropped considerably. Since the first week of January, the TVL in defi shed $54.29 billion in value.

Today, the TVL in defi is $201.55 billion which is down 1.19% over the last 24 hours. While defi has seen a significant dip in value, overall it has more than doubled its share of the crypto economy.

Value Locked in Defi Slides 21% in 2 Weeks, $200B TVL Still 9x Larger Than This Time Last Year
In January 2021, the TVL in defi was around $20 billion and today it is $201.55 billion, jumping 10x over the last year.

Since the start of 2021, the share of defi in the crypto economy has “more than doubled from 2.8% to an all-time high of 6.5%,” according to stats from’s annual crypto report.

At the time of writing, the defi protocol Curve Finance has a dominance rating of 9.69% of the $201 billion locked. Curve is active on eight different blockchains and has a TVL of around $19.53 billion. Metrics show Curve’s TVL is down 16.34% over the last seven days. Curve is followed by Makerdao, Convex Finance, Aave, and WBTC, respectively, in terms of total value locked.

Ethereum Defi Dominance Still Reigns, Fantom’s TVL Jumps 59%

While the TVL in defi today is $201 billion, the value locked in Ethereum is $119.04 billion. Ethereum’s TVL represents 59.06% of the aggregate TVL across all defi protocols on Sunday morning (EST).

Terra’s blockchain commands $16.94 billion, followed by Binance Smart Chain’s $12.22 billion. Fantom commands the fourth largest position in terms of TVL held by a specific blockchain with $12.06 billion today.

Avalanche holds the fifth-largest position with $8.62 billion TVL and Solana commands the sixth top spot with $8.12 billion. Terra’s largest defi protocol is the application Anchor, BSC’s biggest is Pancakeswap, and Fantom’s is the Multichain protocol.

Avalanche’s biggest defi protocol on Sunday is Aave and Solana’s is the application Serum. While most blockchains shed value this past week, Fantom’s TVL jumped 59.61% and Heco’s TVL spiked by 52.77% in seven days.

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