Uplift DAO (backed by NEAR) Partnership P2E Game Wizardia (WZRD Token) | Most Anticipated AAA Games 2022!?

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The UpLift DAO, one of the most active and best-positioned DAOs today, which is backed by NEAR Foundation, AIBC, as well as is audited by Zokyo venture studio, has announced the onboarding of Wizardia as a GameFi next big player at 12 pm UTC on the 18th of March, 2022. This project is headed by professionals previously involved with AAA games such as Call of Duty and League of Legends. Additionally, Gothic Knights, Dying Light 2, Stalker 2, Rainbow Sic and many other successful games come from one of the best gaming developers.

Comprising Solana’s network utility with $WZRD token acting as in-game currency that is also tradeable outside the game, Wizardia facilitates a novel gaming ecosystem and is potentially to become an ultimate leader in the GameFi. The project leverages the full potential of gameplay enabling users to engage in turn-based combat, as well as achieve character progression by enhancing the custom in-game characters.

The Wizardia Metaverse has already given rise to two high-value sets of NFTs — user-controlled in-game upgradable characters with unique art and gaming properties and Arena Genesis NFTs securing the royalty shares from Arena battle transactions.

An evolving Metaverse, Wizardia  runs on a real-valued economy rewarding each player with digital assets that can be earned, spent, or swapped in-game and outside.

IDO Details

Total to Raise: 200,000 BUSD
Token Symbol: $WZRD
Token Price: 1 $WZRD = .12 BUSD
Start Date: March 18, 2022, 12 pm UTC
Open Round: March 19, 2022, 2 pm UTC

Vesting Period: 20% of tokens unlocked at TGE, followed by a monthly unlock over 5 months.

About UpLift DAO

Having raised 850,000 BUSD in its first three IDOs, UpLift DAO is a project accelerator facilitating entry into the most profitable stages of project growth. UpLift DAO’s open governance empowers community decision-making processes. Generated profits are returned to the community in the form of staking rewards, airdrops, and through a buyback mechanism. Incentivized through a two-tiered referral program, rewards from IDOs, farming, and bounty programs, the growing UpLift DAO looks to accelerate promising startups building on various networks, including Aurora and Polygon.

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