Growing crypto entertainment club TSGO adds Circus Dao | Blending web3 and IRL community building

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TSGO Coin (TSGO), a cryptocurrency project building a social club for show entertainment, has announced more web3 items will be added to the roadmap in 2022.

The Circus DAO will be established to govern the direction of the token and project. Owners of the rights to Circus DAO will dictate marketing and donation spend for TSGO, as well as partnerships, sponsorships and even future events. Early holders of the TSGO coin will gain access to the Circus DAO first and will have more voting rights and some additional perks for being early adopters.

NFT Membership Tokens are also being added to the 2022 roadmap. These NFTs will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis and will give holders membership perks such as Circus DAO voting rights, special VIP access to TSGO events, special access and discounts to events and shows with entertainment partners, merchandise and much more.

“We are thrilled to add items on the roadmap that we think are exciting and unique from what is currently out there. Our Circus DAO and NFT Membership Tokens are two of these items, and we can’t wait to finish building them in the upcoming month or two. Both developments really push the needle with blending web3 and in real life (IRL) community building,” said spokesperson Chris Riley.

The team is recruiting top NFT artists and celebrities to create and promote these NFT Membership Tokens. These tokens will be tradable on the secondary market after minting. Funds used from this raise will continue to help build the show entertainment club, including purchasing and building in the metaverse, adding celebrity and promotional influencers to the team, and establishing partnerships with entertainment companies.

“We think it is part of a perfect mix to build out our circus and modern show entertainment club and community,” Riley said.

Learn more about the circus project at or TSGO’s social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram).

About The Show Goes On (TSGO):
The Show Goes On (TSGO) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum digital collectible blockchain. The crypto project plans to utilize this token to build a media and digital entertainment circus company. To learn more about the circus project, please visit the website at or see TSGO’s social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram).

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