Sustainable Green Eco Friendly Crypto ECORISE DAO (ECO) Token Sale May 10th I Low Energy Consumption Mining?!

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A new cryptocurrency project is about to be launched. With its unique offering, blockchain project ECORISE DAO has made its debut in the space. Blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum raise concerns about pollution, but ECORISE is changing the narrative of crypto. Using the natural ecosystem it plans to create capital assets that will promote ecological regeneration, sustainability, and create a stablecoin ecosystem based on land.

ECORISE DAO will unlock the value in the Earth’s natural system to regenerate and revitalize the environment. This means that the project is directly tied to the value of land and natural resources. So when these go up in value, so does the value of ECORISE.

Pegging To Nature

Currently, there are a number of stablecoins in the crypto space that are pegged to various things. Most prominent of these are the USD-pegged stablecoins, although others like gold and oil-pegged stablecoins are on the rise. ECORISE completely rewrites the script in this regard by pegging its stablecoin, ECO, to land values.

Land is arguably one of the most valuable natural resources and with the world’s population rising, it is expected that the value of land will skyrocket. This means that as land becomes more valuable, so will the value of the ECO token.

To further establish the value of the ECO token, ECORISE plans to purchase land, regenerative lease agreements, carbon credits, and crypto, all of which will work together to prop up the token. What’s more, the project is planning to launch major regenerative efforts across various ecosystems and by reviving these ecosystems, ECORISE makes a profit that backs up the ECO token.

The Solana-based project will work with local communities all around the world to help secure and manage natural ecosystems to promote long-term sustainability.

Join The RISE Token Offering

Digital asset ecosystem TrustSwap has announced the addition of ECORISE DAO to the TrustSwap Incubator and the upcoming RISE token offering scheduled to start on May 10th, 2022, at 5 PM UTC. Through this addition to the incubator, ECORISE will receive continuous support from the TrustSwap which will see them through the initial phases of development.

The supply of RISE is directly tied to the ECO stablecoin. As the demand for ECO tokens continues to climb, the supply of RISE governance tokens will diminish. RISE tokens will be burned as demand for ECO grows, causing the digital asset to become more scarce. This is to enable ECO to maintain its peg to land values while RISE will capture the market volatility.

RISE tokens carry great promise for investors given that land will always be valuable. Not only are investors able to make a profit from holding RISE tokens, but it also gives them the benefits of membership which include access to exclusive NFTs, discounts on all NFTs, and multiple revenue streams through their NFTs.

The token offering on TrustSwap will allow investors to purchase RISE tokens at less than market value. The token will also be used to fund DAO-approved proposals that cater to the conversation of sensitive ecosystems, protecting endangered species, and sustainable environmental development such as regenerative agriculture, renewable energy, waste reclamation, and remediation of landfills and brownfields.

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