NFT Collectables Airdrop For Real World Assets DAO in Free Online P2E Game ‘Real Estate Tycoons’ March 10, ’22

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In addition to providing a global portfolio of commercial real estate properties, Real Estate Tycoons NFT is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game with NFT collectibles within the game. Real Estate Tycoons NFT will offer a lot of membership benefits to its members.

Austin, Texas – March 10, 2022 – NFT’s are the hottest thing in the Cryptocurrency sector. Every day sees new NFT’s being launched. Most are very similar in nature, but once in a while, a new NFT comes along that is truly unique and has real world value.

Such is the case with the Real Estate Tycoons NFT, which is a Play-To-Earn (P2E) game with a series of in-game NFT collectibles along with offering unique real world utility through a global portfolio of commercial real estate properties. Players can earn the utility token, $TYCOON, passively through staking and yielding. Earn more $TYCOON by building in-game real estate portfolio using real-life real estate investment strategies. As members’ $TYCOON wealth grows, they will unlock rewards to access the privileges of being a real estate tycoon in real life (IRL).

The Real Estate Tycoons NFTs will give members the following memberships benefits:

  • Governance: Governance rights via member’s NFT. 
  • Play-to-Earn: Access to collectively play the Real Estate Tycoons game, which unlocks rewards to access the privileges of being a real life real estate tycoon. 
  • Real World Utility: Commercial rights to member’s NFT. Beyond the rights to the NFT, they will have passive-income opportunities without selling their NFT gained from a growing portfolio of commercial real estate investment properties IRL. 
  • Members-Only: Access to members-only discord channels for networking, real estate education, investment strategies, and successful business mogul & entrepreneur events. 
  • Exclusives: Preferential access to airdrops, discounts, and whitelists to future Real World Assets projects and other external partnership opportunities.

Real Estate Tycoons is the first project release from Real World Assets DAO which is on a mission to revolutionize the future of real estate. Real World Assets DAO aims to merge real world assets (commercial real estate properties) and the blockchain to develop what they have coined as, the commercial-real-estate-blockchain-economy.

Most NFT projects offer little to no utility or benefit to their members. Real Estate Tycoons plans to offer its members real-world utilities.

For every commercial real estate property acquired, the team will work with the Real Estate Tycoons DAO to vote on how the DAO can “carve-out” an area of the commercial property to use the area or space as an opportunity to build a global marketing brand for Real Estate Tycoons or, ideas on how the DAO can create passive income opportunities for each NFT holder.

Additionally, members can spend $TYCOON to access the real world privileges of being a real-life real estate tycoon with experiences ranging from private jet trips to yacht adventures and more.

During a recent interview, a Real Estate Tycoons NFT spokesperson made these comments, “Unlike other NFT projects who rely only on royalties to fund community perks, future growth & continued development, we have an X-factor. The consulting fees earned from Real World Assets DAO will be a game-changer for the Real Estate Tycoons DAO.”

He went on to say, “Basically, as Real World Assets DAO grows, we envision the growth of the consulting fees generated to outpace royalties allowing the Real Estate Tycoons DAO to continue to expand the game and provide a constant offering of real estate tycoon member benefits in the future.”

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