DAO Tokens To Buy Real Estate Property | Tokenization Infrastructure for NFT Voting Rights

1 min read has announced plans to acquire and manage properties under a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO. Blockchain-based consensus decision making is a natural fit for the Vacation Property asset class.

The DAO structure lowers the barrier to entry for real estate through the tokenization of the asset. The DAO token holders can cost effectively enter the market and reap the benefits of real estate passive income that have typically been afforded to the very wealthy. The low cost of entry also mitigates the risk associated with alternative asset investments such as real estate. Possibly the most significant benefit to the DAO token holders will be the ability to trade their tokens on secondary platforms.

According to founder and real estate investor, Hannah Kirby, “The Vacation Property asset class is a natural fit for consensus decision making on the blockchain. The industry provides hundreds of data sets that can be accessed by smart contracts and incorporated into autonomous decision-making algorithms utilized by the DAO.”

The digital representation of a Vacation Property on a distributed ledger or blockchain is in its revolutionary infancy. The theoretical benefits include:

  • Transparency within the real estate process through the execution of smart contracts.
  • Efficiency gains by removing numerous layers of intermediaries.
  • The potential for more efficient clearing and settlement as the states adopt digital representation of real estate and real assets.
  • Liquidity potential and the securitization of assets typically lacking liquidity.

To fund the DAO, is offering a Founder Membership NFT which grants the owner voting rights on key decisions as well as a pro rata share of the DAOs initial token allocation. Members are encouraged to provide insight and work to the development of the smart contracts that will govern the DAO and its Vacation Rental property acquisitions as well as the financial incentives that align with the goals of the organization.

Post DAO formation, Founder Membership NFT holders can exchange their Founder Membership NFT for a pro rata share of tokens for each NFT they hold. All token holders will receive additional perks of Vacation Property ownership such as preferred booking and discounted rental rates.


A pioneer in the field of real estate tokenization, is a community driven venture with the goal of democratizing and providing direct acquisition of real estate at a price point that mitigates financial risk and adds liquidity to the market.

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