OpenSea Will Smith Slap DAO Top NFT Collections After Oscars 2022

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The Oscars of 2022! Rock described Will Smith’s wife as G.I. Jane. Chris Rock getting slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars has been turned into an NFT collection. The Opensea Marketplace user ‘Will Smith Slap DAO’ has sold 730 items so far for $7 – $300. Is this going to be the Bored Apes NFT Collection in 2022?

Will Smith Slap Dao


The enterprising NFT artist, referring to himself as a DAO (decentralized autonomous organisation), minted 2000 Will Smith slap NFTs – unique collectible non-fungible tokens, or ‘non-fungible slaps’.

You can buy NFTs from the collection on Opensea here.

Will Smith Slap NFTs Selling Out Fast

The NFTs mostly show the moment actor Will Smith slaps comedian Chris Rock, or Smith’s reaction to the joke about his wife’s haircut, along with simple traits and attributes such as the meme text on them, and their border colors.

Some have cryptocurrency slang memes on, such as ‘WGMI’ (we are gonna make it), ‘in it for the tech’, ‘paper hand’, ‘damp it’, ‘when Coinbase’ and ‘can devs do something?’.

Will Smith Slap DAO

Will Smith Slap DAO

A Will Smith slap token with a buy now price of 0.005 ETH

This particular Will Smith Slap NFT collection – although there are others – only has 1270 left to sell. The current floor price is 0.002 ETH (Ethereum), which is about $7.

Meaning the cheapest you can pick one up for is currently around $7. More desirable mid-range tokens are going for $15 – $30 on the popular NFT marketplace.

One of the most expensive sales was to Opensea user ompsyram, a Nikon India brand ambassador and artist. He bought Will Smith Slap DAO #892 for 0.1 ETH, around $330, which shows Will Smith’s face with the text ‘Brokensea’ and a green border.

The total volume of Will Smith slap NFTs traded stands at 13.5 ETH at the time of writing – over $45,000.

Will these be a priceless investment one day? Are they the next Bored Apes? They do have a low supply. Anything is possible in the NFT space. The NFT and crypto markets are showing bullish signs of recovery, with Bitcoin spiking over $48,000 earlier today.

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