Crypto Donations in ETH ‘Onlyfans’ Giving Block to Ukraine DAO | Best Way to Donate & How to Help Military in War 2022

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The online giant, Onlyfans, supports Ukraine’s war and helps the military. A total of 500 ETH (worth $1.3 million) was donated to support the Ukrainian military in UkraineDAO. What is the best way to donate and how to help are questions answered in this article.

ETH worth $1.3 million has been donated by OnlyFans organization to Ukraine

  • It is the company’s charitable effort that has been brought to light
  • The company has now spent $5 million in total to humanitarian efforts

The famous video membership stage OnlyFans says it gave 500 ETH (generally $1.3 million) to UkraineDAO, a decentralized independent association raising assets to help Ukraine during its conflict against Russia.

A delegate of OnlyFans told that the gift is a piece of the organization’s bigger magnanimous work to help Ukraine, driven by OnlyFans’ Ukrainian-American proprietor Leonid Radvinsky.

The organization says it has now sent more than $5 million to different philanthropic endeavors supporting the country, with an extra $1 million gift wanted to be sent March 15. These heartbreaking occasions awfully affect people including individuals from our maker local area, Ami Gan, CEO of OnlyFans, said in an explanation.

Ukraine’s fight

Given our solid individual connections to Ukraine, we needed to help in a way which felt consistent with who we are at OnlyFans and which zeroed in on getting help and backing to the Ukrainian public.

UkraineDAO has been a main crypto supporter of Ukraine’s administration lately, which has now gotten more than $50 million in crypto gifts since tweeting out its ether (ETH) and bitcoin (BTC) addresses in February.

At the point that OnlyFans made the 500 ETH gift, the DAO was slowed down to about a portion of the 1,000 ETH hold sum, an agent said. The OnlyFans gift drove the sum off the top, and starting there more gifts started to heap in.

The crypto boss’ story is meaningful because of the large numbers of Ukrainian residents searching for asylum and also how individuals from the crypto local area are preparing to help those out of luck. More than $63 million in crypto resources has been given to the Ukrainian government and a NGO offering help to the military, as indicated by blockchain examination form Elliptic.

Crypto donation

In the meantime, the U.S. government gauges something like 12 million are needing helpful guidance across Ukraine. Brought up in Kyiv, Velykyy escaped the city on March 1 after a Russian air-strike struck a significant TV tower in the core of the capital.

He and his family escaped with a couple of things, prior to stalling out in a distant region in the wake of running short on fuel. The nearby gas station just had gas held for military tasks, even as Velykyy proposed to pay many dollars for it.

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Velykyy is presently in a ski resort town encompassed by the Carpathian Mountains in the western piece of Ukraine, a region that is more secure in contrast with significant urban communities like Kyiv.

The town normally has a populace in the low several thousands, however has swelled to in excess of 100,000 individuals as evacuees keep on showing up, as indicated by Velykyy. He and his family are remaining in a room in a lodging that has been changed over into a philanthropic camp, where a portion of his family’s companions are also remaining.

Velykyy said he normally goes through a large portion of the day dealing with Allbridge, of which he’s fellow benefactor and CEO, and the other half on neighborhood aid ventures, utilizing associations in the crypto local area.


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