OHM Fork, ZodiacDAO on Binance Smart Chain | Staking, Bonding & NFT’s

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Community-owned, decentralized protocol called ZodiacDAO has launched an advanced fork of OlympusDAO. The fork includes Rebased, NFT, GameFi, and Web3. In order to maintain price stability, Zodiac will use the Algorithmic Reserve Currency algorithm and POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity) for most sufficiency. $ZD holders will determine Zodiac’s future through on-chain voting and HODLing.

Figure 1: Introducing ZodiacDAO, an advanced OlympusDAO fork contains: Rebased, NFT, GameFi and Web3

Hence, their basic protocol is just like other DAO, and became one of our successful colonizer OlympusDAO fork. However, Zodiac are not simply an OHM fork, but an advanced one. They are solving the problem that most of the other DAO and even OlympusDAO are facing. ZodiacDAO will bring the new waves into DeFi 2.0 and they simply call it: DeFi 2.0+

NO FAIRLAUNCH. Why? There have been so many fair launch projects that represent the theory: Pump and Dump. People who buy first gain advantage for their low cost token purchase. Then they all sell paper-handedly when they feel they have gained enough. This leads to the project’s DUMP.

Every pre-sold tokens will be fully added into Liquidity Pool (LP) and locked on DxSale and will be vesting daily for chosen whitelisters within a 180 days period. By doing this, we simply solved the Pump & Dump option. Their purpose is to create the safest assurance for all $ZD HODL-ers. We have seen one of the reasons why ZodiacDAO is an advanced OHM fork.

Here is the basic of our protocol that you need to know:

Staking is the profit distribution model of Zodiac DAO. This is a long run investment. When you stake ZD, you will receive an equivalent amount to sZD. These sZD tokens are profit accruing tokens. Through sZD you will receive a portion of profits from the protocol. It is important to note that sZD cannot be transferred or traded. Investors hold these tokens to earn profits. Thanks to ZodiacDAO’s rebasing mechanism, holding sZD is the most profitable as rebasing is based on auto-compounding. Rebases do not happen out of thin air.

Bonding is a leverage strategy. A bond in the ZodiacDAO protocol is a representation of your liquidity pool (LP) share. Bonding allows you to get more ZD tokens than you would get in the market. How is that? Simply bonding means you are buying ZD token at the discount price, and earning rewards based on current ROI.

These 2 functions are mutual support. Providing the best protocol for a stable and sufficient ZodiacDAO.


ZodiacDAO is one of the first rebase projects involving NFT for their holders. Zodiacian can collect the NFT box through staking, or they can buy it directly by sZD. The best and earliest NFT collectors will be chosen to get huge rewards. However, the most important thing about this feature is they will apply an anti-inflation mechanism to prevent increasing the amount of total supply, which will always keep the ZD value (price) steadily increasing over time, unlike other “fast pump fast dump” projects.

Their GameFi is currently under development and anti-inflation will be applied as well, so people can play, earn, and rest assured about the stable price of ZD along with their great marketing strategy.

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