IDO Launchpad DAO Maker Launches Legendary Maradona D10S NFT Collection | ‘Hand of God’ Celebrating Upcoming FIFA 2022

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DAO Maker, a leading IDO and IGO platform for cryptocurrency projects, enters the world of NFTs. The team will launch the Maradona D10S NFT collection as the first project of an NFT launchpad. With support from all five of Maradona’s heirs, it is the first-ever licensed collection featuring the soccer legend. The NFT collection of the legendary Maradona celebrates the upcoming launch of FIFA 2022. Moreover, the legend’s fans can use the profile pictures as avatars in the Web3 environment.

DAO Maker has built up a strong market position through its multiple launchpad solutions. The platform primarily facilitates Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and Initial Gaming Offering (IGO) solutions and will now explore similar opportunities in the non-fungible token space. NFTs have seen a tremendous popularity surge in 2021 and the demand for NFT-related launchpad solutions rises quickly.

The DAO Maker launchpad has yielded dozens of projects exploring IDO and IGO approaches. But, more importantly, DAO Maker was the first major launchpad to facilitate these approaches and the first incubation hub to explore new opportunities in the space.

That approach allowed DAO Maker to become one of the largest networks in 2021, with over 135,000 KYC-verified users and over 270,000 followers on Twitter.

The next crucial venture for DAO Maker revolves around its upcoming Maradona D10S NFT drop. The NFT collection features various profile pictures of the late and great Diego Maradona and celebrates the upcoming launch of FIFA 2022. Moreover, the legend’s fans can use the profile pictures as avatars in the Web3 environment.

What makes the collection unique is how it is the first-ever official Maradona-licensed NFT project. It has the support from all five of the football star’s heirs, and their choice to launch this project together with DAOMaker signifies the platform’s significance in the broader industry.

Jana Maradona, daughter of Diego Maradona, adds: “Maradona D10S NFTS is the first time all of the heirs have come together in a creative collaboration since Diego’s passing”

The Maradona D10S NFT collection spans 5,000 generative art profile pictures on the Ethereum blockchain. Commemorating the upcoming FIFA 2022 event through a football-integrated NFT marks an exciting moment for the broader industry. Moreover, it is an opportunity to remember one of the world’s greatest footballers who passed away recently yet remains near and dear to millions of people.

The Maradona D10S collection is the first NFT drop to occur through the teaḿ’s new non-fungible token launchpad. The launchpad is crucial, as it can support virtually any blockchain. Moreover, artists issuing their non-fungible tokens through this new service can gain exposure to a growing DAO Maker community spanning hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

DAO Maker Chief Executive Officer Christoph Zaknun comments: “The NFT space quickly became a very toxic and fraudulent area of crypto. We are entering this market to try to clean it up the way we have with the low cap market by providing a venue for celebrities & founders that want to do NFT drops the right way.”

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