ETH Based Reserve Currency ‘CURVE DAO’ Launching NFTs | Stake CRV Tokens High APY 2022

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Curve DAO Token has announced the launch of NFTs

DAO Token has announced the launch of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

NFTs with real value have been announced by Curve DAO Token, a decentralized reserve currency based on Ethereum (ETH).

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 4, 2022 / / — Curve DAO Token , a Ethereum (ETH) based decentralized reserve currency, has announced the launch of its NFTs with real value. A unique and well-designed set, these NFTs will offer real-world value to holders during each rebase – guaranteeing a greater return on profit.

First on the list of benefits, these holders stand to gain annual percentage yields [APY]. Based on the rarity of their NFTs, which are literally digital assets—users stand to gain exclusive boosted yields on their assets. Additionally, NFT holders will be duly rewarded with a ton of airdrops and giveaways.

Introducing a DAO-powered project, Curve DAO Token will offer NFT holders the opportunity to participate in its governance system where they can vote on suggestions and proposals made. Furthermore, they will be the first in line to all of the innovative projects that will be launched on the launchpad.

Aimed at protecting crypto traders on the market, Curve DAO Token seeks to create a policy-controlled system on the ETH network where the behavior of its native token—$CRV—is upheld by a powerful DAO and in the long run enhanced for stability as a function of a global unit. The development team, furthermore, will optimize the system for wealth creation.

Another remarkable feature of Curve DAO Token is its friendly community. Recognizing the importance of community in the growth of crypto projects, this ETH-based reserve currency will deliver sublime benefits, one of which includes staking and minting.

Members can stake $CRV to earn rebase rewards, and depending on the amount staked, the rewards tend to increase. With the rewards to be paid to token holders garnered from bonds revenue and sales, staking is the Curve DAO Token development team’s long-term strategy to guarantee community members great returns for being a part of their growth. Minting, on the other hand, is the second value accrual system adopted by the project. It involves the sale of $CRV tokens to buy bonds from the protocol. This allows Curve DAO Token to gather liquidity, in the process ensuring that there is always locked liquidity for market operations—indirectly protecting token holders.

Offering a feasible passive income source through its unique features, Curve DAO Token hopes to become a haven for all crypto traders.

About Curve DAO Token

Curve DAO Token is a decentralized exchange built on Ethereum designed for stablecoin trading. Stablecoins are digital assets which are backed by a reserve asset in an attempt to avoid the price volatility common among other cryptocurrencies.

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