Low Gas Fees INU DAO Token on BSC Network | Exclusive Web3 Crowdsourced Farming Community

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On the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a project’s novelty is one of the most important aspects that affect the landscape and trajectory of cryptocurrency. Each day, thousands of smart contracts are launched, so what makes a project stand out? In what ways does a loyal, energetic community come together eager to participate in something new? This is how Degen Inu does it.

The Degen Inu team believes that despite the countless practical applications of digital-ledger technology being realized recently, the world of crowdfunding has remained relatively untouched.

As trends come and go, and countless new projects launch, many investors find it difficult to keep track of everything. Degen Inu offers a solution in the form of a new and exclusive DAO.

For those unfamiliar, here’s a brief overview of what a DAO is.

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Essentially, a DAO is a collectively owned business that functions via a smart contract on the blockchain. After their initial set up, DAOs are owned and managed entirely by their members, with any changes made or actions taken by the DAO first being proposed and approved by said community. This provides the ability for complete strangers to work together as a community, as all the required trust of the situation is held in the security of the smart contract that makes up the DAO.

The Degen Inu DAO is an EXCLUSIVE WEB3 CROWDSOURCED FARMING COMMUNITY for investors to come together and collaborate on investment decisions. To become an eligible member of the Degen Inu DAO, you will be required to hold an Degen Inu DAO pass and stake a minimum of 100 $DINU tokens. Due to the limited supply of only 50,000 $DINU tokens, there can only ever be 500 members of this exclusive community.

The community will use a decentralized voting system to vote on projects and tokens to buy into. Rewards will be paid out to members based on total holdings staked along with the DAO pass status level (Gold, Silver, Bronze).

DAOs are a relatively unexplored style of project on the BSC. With lower gas fees than on the Ethereum blockchain, the Degen Inu DAO on BSC will be able to utilize NFTs as passes without incurring large transaction fees on the community. Additionally, by wielding the combination of an extremely marketable brand and an exclusive membership count, Degen Inu will be set up for a highly contested entry to the DAO coupled with a high level of interaction within the DAO itself. By limiting its size, the Degen Inu DAO also promotes a greater degree of closeness and communication with its members. There is a massive difference between shouting into a crowd, and a focused group discussion. Degen Inu will capitalize on that.

By being on the forefront of DAO projects on the BSC, Degen Inu is positioning itself to benefit heavily from “first mover advantage”. The power and influence a well organized DAO commands is something to be reckoned with, whether it be through support of a token or NFT collection, charity work, or simply providing consistent rewards for its members.

In almost any investment you can think of, institutional investors tend to outperform retail investors. There are many factors at play there, but a couple of the many reasons that is the case are the power of organization and collective knowledge, and the lack of “emotional” trading. As a DAO, Degen Inu holders will benefit from the added stability of investing as a community, while forgoing some of the stress of trading in the volatile market that the BSC often is. Providing contrast to the fast paced nature of projects on the BSC, the Degen Inu DAO will breathe stability into the space. Imagine the benefit of being simultaneously better informed and supported as an investor, while also being able to relax knowing that a tight knit community of 500 others are watching your back. This is the power of the Degen Inu DAO.

However, that is not to say that only Degen Inu DAO members will be the only ones to benefit from the project. Investors of $DINU itself will benefit from the volume of trading between members entering and exiting the DAO, and the valuation of the token to match that demand. Additional utility can also be voted on and added by the DAO itself.

Last but not least, to add on to the “degen” side of Degen Inu, there will be a P2E coin flip game released as well! This gives holders a chance to bump up their token holdings in a simple, yet very popular format of a crypto game. The coin flip game is slated to be released before the DAO, compounding the momentum the project has gathered so far.

$DINU tokenomics are as follows. The buy and sell taxes may be adjusted for reduced buy tax “happy hours” (or longer), as well as any changes needed in the future (increased or decreased liquidity/marketing tax, etc.) At present time, the taxes are split 50/50 between the liquidity pool and marketing, excluding adjustments during happy hours.

Buy Tax – 12%

Sell Tax – 15%


Max Transaction – 100 Tokens

Max Wallet – 700 Tokens

Important Links

Website: www.degeninutoken.com

Contract: https://bscscan.com/token/0x58a424210daae36e29a4dbc004f4a2b1a8fa02fd

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DegenInu

Telegram: https://t.me/degen_inu

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