NFT Crypto Project ‘Darumachi DAO’ Launches Decentralized Charity | Pre-sale NFTs January 2022

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Clement Chan, a metaphysician living in Hong Kong, has created Darumachi, a decentralised charity and NFT project that lets donors directly manage donations.

The project will issue a total of 4,777 Darumachi NFTs while the pre-sale of 777 NFTs was launched on 29 January 2022. Excluding the NFTs owned by its team members and those used for promotion, all remaining Darumachi NFTs will be to the public for 1 Solana each on Darumachi’s website on the first day of Chinese New Year.

Darumachi NFT holders have the priority to purchase the next series of NFTs. Darumachi will run the “Make Wishes” programme on its official website, allowing Darumachi NFT holders to write their blessings online. The blessings can be linked up with individual NFTs, so that other holders can pass on the blessings.

DeShrine, the metaverse of the Darumachi Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (Darumachi DAO) —  organiser of the project, will regularly hold online or offline events such as festive celebrations, concerts and electronic music festivals, which will connect all Darumachi NFT holders online and offline. Every month, each NFT holder can make a wish for a third person, a project or an organisation. They will also vote for a wish that is worth any following action.

Darumachi DAO will regularly launch NFTs under a specific theme, and 40% of the sales proceeds will be used to finance the establishment of the DAO foundation. Meanwhile, 10% of the initial proceeds and 50% of the royalty fees will be donated to charities. The receipts will be disclosed to the public.

The organisation said, “As data published via blockchain technology cannot be amended, donors can see clearly where their donations go to and whether the designated recipients eventually get to receive the donations. The founder believed that the programme can greatly reduce the operation costs of charities, boost their credibility, increase the actual amounts of donations meant for those in need, and eventually lead to greater positive energy in society.

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