ETH Based NFT Project ‘Nouns DAO’ Partnership Bud Light | Also ‘Ad Time’ Super Bowl 2022 For and FTX Exchange

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Bud Light, the popular beer brand, has partnered with Nouns DAO, the decentralized autonomous organization.

As part of the partnership, Bud Light will use the Nouns DAO iconic glasses in their Super Bowl ad that airs Sunday. The news comes days after Bud Light entered the non-fungible token space with Bud Light NEXT NFT.

Nouns DAO and Bud Light Ad to be at Super Bowl

Nouns is an NFT project based on Ethereum that generates avatars based on nouns, i.e., people, things, and places.

Every day, one noun is generated and auctioned off. The Nouns DAO is responsible for the governance of the project and receives all ETH proceeds from the sale of Nouns NFT.

According to Corey Brown, a senior director at Bud Light, this partnership further gives Bud Light credence in the NFT space. Through the partnership, Bud Light gave Nouns a Bud Light NFT to use the Nouns glasses in its commercial.

Brown further stated that the partnership would allow Bud Light to connect with more consumers, The Super Bowl ad will introduce Bud Light Next, the latest Bud Light product, to millions of consumers.

This new product is a zero-carb beer, and Bud Light expects it to bring more consumers into its portfolio.

Bud Light is produced by Anheuser-Busch Inbev. According to the beer maker, this product has been in production for almost ten years and contains 80 calories, 4% alcohol, and zero carbs.

As part of the promotions for the new beer, Bud Light released the Bud Light N3XT collection on February 6. This contained 12,722 unique NFTs and would be sold to consumers at least 21 years old for $399 each. Benefits of owning the NFT include voting on Bud Light NEXT merchandise and access to events.

Crypto Ads at Super Bowl

With this partnership, the number of crypto-related ads at the Super Bowl has increased. Already, and FTX have purchased ad time on the Super Bowl.

Additionally, two halftime show performers, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg are also Bored Apes NFT owners, and there are rumors of BAYC being part of the show.

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